Result 2017


Our selection process has conclude. Fourteen applications from different mexican universities  were received for the John Bahcall  Physics Award 2017,   four were selected for the final interview.

The John Bahcall  Physics Award 2017  has been awarded to :

Irvin Fabián Martínez Rodríguez (División de Ciencias e Ingenierías  Universidad de Guanajuato)

The second place was assigned to

David Godos Valencia (Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla) 

We thank to all the participants for their interest and enthusiasm.

Selection Committee: 

  • Dra. Silvia Torres (IA-UNAM, México)
  • Dra. Katrin Heitmann (Argonne National Laboratory, USA)
  • Dr. Luis Ureña  (DCI-UGTO)

Organizing Committee:

  • Dra. Alma González (Chair, CONACYT/DCI-UGTO, México)
  • Dr. Gustavo Niz (DCI-UGTO, México)