Registration 3-4pm (Place Biblioteca Central)


Short course 4pm-6pm: Data Science  (Place Biblioteca Central)

Chris Stephens (C3-UNAM).

Course title:”Data in Science versus Data Science: What’s the difference?”

Abstract: Science has always been based on data. In the last few years however, there has appeared a new discipline called “data science”. In this mini-course I’ll discuss data science and its relationship to ”traditional” science. I’ll review the similarities and differences between how data has appeared in the physical versus the biological and social sciences in relation to their distinct phenomenologies. In particular, I’ll discuss how the data revolution has been fundamental in allowing for a broader and deeper view of the biological and social sciences and how it is the notion of complexity that distinguishes them from the physical sciences. I will illustrate the above using many concrete examples taken from a wide variety of physical, biological and social systems.


Outreach event (Cosmología y Bases de Datos y Dr. Alma González)


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