IX Mexican School on Gravitation and Mathematical Physics

"Cosmology for the XXI Century: Inflation, Dark Matter and Dark Energy"

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, December 3-7, 2012


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The Gravitation and Mathematical Physics Division (DGFM) of the Mexican Physical Society (SMF) is glad to announce the celebration of its VIII School. Since 1994 we have organized the "Mexican school on gravitation and mathematical physics" every two years. The main goal of these schools is to discuss and exchange current ideas in gravitational physics in a pedagogical manner. Each school is devoted to a particular subject, and this time we will focus on Cosmology. Traditionally, we have invited world leaders in specific topics, among others we can mention A. Ashtekar, A.P. Balachandran, J. D. Barrow, R. Brandenberger, B. Carter, P.T. Chrusciel, E. Copeland, A. Fillipenko, G. Gibbons, M. Heusler, W. Israel, R. Kallosh, R. Kolb, A. Linde, K. Maeda, F. Mueller-Hoisen, R. Myers, Y. Neeman, H. Nicolai A. Peet, L. Randall, C. Rovelli, G. Smoot, R. Sorkin, P. Van Nieuwenhuizen, R. Wald, and in this occasion it will not be different.

As in previous ones our main goal is to provide an inviting arena for exchanging and discussion on top developments in gravitational physics in a pedagogical manner. Apart from researchers, an important number of postdocs and graduate students take part in our School which in this occasion will be focused on the discussion of the standard pillars of modern Cosmology. The scientific program will include four courses and eight plenary talks. There will also be time for about 40 parallel talks.



Organizing committee:


Luis Ureña (UG)

Ricardo Becerril (UMSNH)

Román Linares Romero (UAMI)