Dr. José Torres Arenas

Ph. D., UG (2003)
Associate Professor A (2011)
Engineering Physics Department
Science and Engineering Division-Campus León
University of Guanajuato
jtorres @ fisica.ugto.mx

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Systems whose components interact each other trough a long-range potential (like Coulomb interaction in charged particles or the gravitational one) are a big challenge for their statistical mechanics description. No equivalence among ensembles and negative specific heats are some of the anomalous behaviours of these kinds of systems. Currently we are working on undestand their statistical mechanics description. On the other hand, thermodynamics and dynamics of multivalent, highly associant electrolytes, are whitin our interest. Some applications of these models to the design of better protocols for the management of nuclear waste are also whitin our goals. The study of different statistical mechanics systems under the effect of an external field (confinement, gravity, electromagnetic) is carry out trough different techniques of classical functional density theory.

Statistical Mechanics Group   |   Physical Engineering Deparment   |   Science and Engineering Division   |   Campus León   |   University of Guanajuato

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