Dr. Leonardo Álvarez Valtierra

Ph. D., University of Pittsburgh (2007)
Associate Professor C
Chemical, Biomedical and Electronical Engineering Department
Science and Engineering Division-Campus Leon
University of Guanajuato leoav @ fisica.ugto.mx

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I am currently interested in laser spectroscopy of molecular systems in the gas phase. Most of my work focuses on the analyses of high resolution electronic spectra of relevant molecules in a supersonic beam, using either rigid or pseudo-rigid rotor Hamiltonians for both electronic states involved. From there, we are able to derive inertial parameters which reveal the structure of the sample traveling in the jet. Furthermore, we are trying to exploit Stark effect measurements, as well as laser ablation techniques for temperature-labile molecules (biomolecules); from which, we might be able to extract structural information and dipole moment components of relevant biomolecules in the gas phase.

Statistical Mechanics Group   |   Physical Engineering Deparment   |   Science and Engineering Division   |   Campus León   |   University of Guanajuato

Loma del Bosque 103, Lomas del Campestre, Zip Code: 37150, Leon, Gto., Mexico. PO BOX. E-143.
Telephone: +52(477) 788 51 00. Office: Ext. 8434