Alumni: Dr. Ramon Castaneda-Priego's group

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39.   Jose Ramon Villanueva Valencia (current position: UTL)
PhD thesis title: Structure, dynamics and self-assembly of anisotropic colloidal mixtures

38.   Gustavo M. Rodriguez Linan (current position: UNAM)
Postdoc project: Effective interactions under non-equilibrium conditions

37.   Cesar Alejandro Baez (current position: )
Postdoc project: Transport properties of binary mixtures of hard-disks

36.   Alexis Torres Carbajal (current position: Postdoc fellow at the UASLP)
PhD thesis title: Apology of Brownian motion at nano-scale (January, 2018)

35.   Luz Adriana Nicasio Collazo (current position: Postdoc fellow at the UASLP)
PhD thesis title: Modeling of DNA denaturation: an irreversible statistical thermodynamics approximation (December, 2017)

34.   Juan Alejandro Ortega Gutierrez (current position: )
Master thesis title: Do the hydrodynamic interactions affect the colloidal structure? (August, 2017)

33.   Brisa L. Arenas Gomez (current position: UNAM)
Postdoc project: RheoSANS of worm-like micelles (August, 2017)

32.   Lisbeth Perez-Ocampo (current position: PhD at La Sorbona University)
Master thesis title: Effective interactions between colloids immersed in a gel (March, 2016)

31.   Alexandra Delgado-Gonzalez (current position: Universidad Iberoamericana Leon)
PhD thesis title: Denaturation mechanisms, transport properties and phase behavior in bio-colloidal systems (March, 2016)

30.   Luis Fernando Elizondo Aguilera (current position: German Aerospace Center)
Postdoc project: Dynamical arrest transition in model colloidal systems (October, 2015)

29.   Erik Lopez Sanchez (current position: University of Xalapa)
PhD thesis: Demixing, structure and effective interactions in colloidal systems (October, 2015)

28.   Jorge Adrian Perera Burgos (current position: Professor at University of Campeche)
Postdoc project: Effective interactions in colloidal systems. Theory and simulations (September, 2015)

27.   Claudio Contreras Aburto (current position: Professor at University of Sonora)
Postdoc project: Transport properties of colloids. Theory and simulations (September, 2014)

26.   Cesar Daniel Estrada (current position: Professor at Cinvestav-Zacatenco)
Postdoc project: Demixing and depletion forces in binary mixtures of hard-spheres (December, 2013)

25.   Jose Ramon Villanueva Valencia (current position: PhD student at UG)
M.S. thesis: Universal dynamical properties in mixtures of dimers and monomers of low dimensionality (July, 2014)

24.   Abigail Loredo Osti (current position: Professor at ITSLP)
PhD thesis: Phase diagram and formation of aggregates in fluids with competing interactions (June, 2014)

23.   Nestor E. Valadez-Perez (current position: Professor at UG)
PhD thesis: Structure, phase behavior, and dynamical arrest of colloidal dispersions with competing interactions (May, 2014)

22.   Edith C. Euan-Diaz (current position: Postdoc at University of Antwerp)
PhD thesis: Structural and dynamical properties of colloids under confinement (January, 2014)

21.   Monica Ledesma Motolinea (current position: PhD student at UAM-A)
M.S. thesis: (December, 2013)

20.   Alexis Torres Carbajal (current position: PhD student at UG)
M.S. thesis: Brownian motion using an explicit solvent (December, 2013)

19.   Fidel Cordoba Valdes (current position: Professor at IPN-Silao)
PhD thesis: Colloidal systems as models in physical biology (December, 2012)

18.   Jose Marcos Falcon Gonzalez (current position: Langebio-Cinvestav)
PhD thesis: Charged colloidal suspensions (October, 2012)

17.   Luz Adriana Nicasio Collazo (current position: PhD student at UG)
M.S. thesis: Denaturation of DNA molecules in suspensions (October, 2012)

16.   Juan Carlos Mixteco Sanchez (current position: Professor at Uni. of Gdl)
PhD thesis: Charge renormalization in charged-stabilized colloidal suspensions (August, 2011)

15.   Arturo Ruiz Santoyo (current position: PhD student at UG)
M.S. thesis: Short-time self-diffusion of quasi-two-dimensional mixtures of dimers and monomers (May, 2011)

14.   Fernando Garcia Flores (current position: Professor IPN-Zacatecas)
Molecular dynamics simulation of complex fluids

13.   Manuel Alejandro Escobedo Sanchez (Cum Laude; current position: PhD student at University of Duesseldorf)
B.S. thesis: Study of the colloidal structure by means of computer simulations and near-field scattering experiments (October, 2010)

12.   Paulina Alicia Hernandez Becerra (Honored)
B.S. thesis: Application of non-lineal Brownian dynamics algortithms for studying two-dimensional coloidal systems (July, 2010)

11.   Luz Adriana Nicasio Collazo (Cum Laude)
B.S. thesis: Denaturalization process of biomolecules (June, 2010)

10.   Nestor Enrique Valadez Perez (Cum Laude)
M.S. thesis: Liquid-vapor phase diagram for a protein model (January, 2010)

9.   Edith Euan Diaz (current position: PhD student at UG)
M.S. thesis: Hydrodynamic correlation functions between colloids highly confined in laser-traps (September, 2009)

8.   Salvador Herrera Velarde (Cum Laude, current position: Professor at Instituto Tecnologico Superior de Xalapa)
PhD thesis: Colloidal suspensions under external fields (September 10th, 2008)

7.   Ivan Guillen Escamilla (current position: Professor at Universidad de Guadalajara)
Computer simulation and SCOZA

6.   Edith Euan Diaz
B.S. thesis: Substrate effects in a colloidal system on parallel layers (August, 2007)

5.   Mario Eduardo Cano Gonzalez (Cum Laude, current position: Professor at Universidad de Guadalajara)
PhD thesis: Magnetic and static properties of biosystems (August, 2007)

4.   Fidel Córdoba Valdés
M.S. thesis: Colloidal suspensions in contact with fluactuating membranes: the role of entropic interactions (October, 2006)

3.   Juan Carlos Mixteco Sánchez
M.S. thesis: Effective charges and thermodynamics of charge-stabilized colloidal suspensions (May, 2006)

2.   Lorenzo Hernández Diaz (current position: Professor at UNAM)
B.S. thesis: Effective interactions in mixtures of additive and non-additive hard-discs (December, 2002)

1.   Esteban Cruz Hernández (current position: Professor at UASLP)
B.S. thesis: Structure and thermodynamics of colloidal suspensions (April, 2002)

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