School Model

The school is composed by two independent sections: the basic/intermediate and the advanced.

The basic/intermediate section runs from Monday 10 until Thursday 13 and it is meant to teach last year undergraduates the general courses needed for astroparticles, string theory, gravitation and cosmology, as well as to present the latest advances and future opportunities in such disciplines.

The most advanced program, on the other hand, is for advanced graduate students who want to achieve a further degree of specialization. Advanced undergraduate students with good computing skills could also attend upon previous request to the organizers. This sections runs in parallel with the basic/intermdiate one from Monday 10 until Friday 14.

Therefore, students are invited to attend only one of the following four sections.


Full Program

Notice: the advanced section of the Mexican School on Strings and Supersymmetry will share the first day with the basic/intermediate section.