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Colloids are present in a large variety of biological, chemical and physical systems. In the last few years, they have been used as model systems because allow us either to understand fundamental processes in atomic systems or to elucidate problems in soft condensed matter physics. The success of colloids to be used as well-controlled model systems resides in the fact that the relevant interactions between colloids are easily and independently tuneable and the colloid position is accessible by means of optical techniques, thus allowing a direct comparison with simulations and theoretical calculations. In my group, we study colloids as model systems to, on one hand, understand the effective interactions that emerge in soft matter physics when unobservable components of the system are integrated out or contracted of the description and, on the other hand, to quantify the effects of soft and periodic external fields on the structural and dynamics properties of many-body systems, i.e., polymers, DNA molecules, etc.

In particular, I am interested on thermodynamics, structural properties, transport phenomena, dynamical arrest and self-assembly of many-body systems (colloids, polyelectrolytes, polymers, DNA molecules, among others). Also on advanced numerical algorithms, parallel computer simulation methods and experimental techniques (scattering methods, rheology, confocal videomicroscopy, optical trapping, etc.) for the research of soft condensed matter physics.

My research activities are divided in the following areas:

   1.-   Effective interactions between colloids at the bulk or near to either rigid or fluctuating walls
   2.-   Directed self-assembly of colloids by optical substrates
   3.-   Transport and thermodynamic properties of charged bio-molecules (DNA)
   4.-   Dynamic arrest and aggregation in complex fluids
   5.-   Structure and phase-separation of simple and complex fluids

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Loma del Bosque 103, Lomas del Campestre, C. P. 37150, Leon, Gto., Mexico. PO BOX E-143.
Telephone: 52(477) 788 51 00. Office: Ext. 8432.