Bayesian Inference for Cosmology

MAY 8-12, 2017


División de Ciencias e Ingenierías , Universidad De Guanajuato, Campus León, Guanajuato
MACSS is part of the larger event called MexiCOPAS
See what happened in MACSS 2016 

The main  goal of this school is to prepare the next generation of students, postdocs, and researchers to perform statistical analysis over cosmological observations, such as  present large scale surveys like BOSS  and future as DESI, LSST, SCI-HI, etc.

The first part of each day will be devoted to lectures and tutorials providing the basis of statistics/bayesian inference tools. The rest of the day will be dedicated to hands-on sessions for developing projects. A set of projects will be pre-defined. 

Invited Lecturers


  • Bayesian Statistics

  • Parameter Inference Methods

  • MonteCarlo Sampling Methods

  • Convergence analysis

  • Forecasting Methods

PROJECTS (To be announced)

Important Dates

Application for scholarships:  March 31st, 2017. 

Application Deadline: April  21st, 2017 .

MACSS school: May 8th to 11th.

 Preceded by mexiCOPAS School from May 2-May 6th, 2017 


 Event with CONACyT funding